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The protein was detected by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR

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      The new TaqMan protein analysis combines the ability of antibody sensitivity, specific protein binding capacity and 5 'nuclease real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR to superior relative quantitation. They can achieve fast, simple identification and relative quantification of proteins in small sample sizes or a limited number of cells - all using homogeneous analysis forms.

         With the open TaqMan® Protein Assay Kit, you can use the biotinylated protein of interest to prepare TaqMan® protein assays yourself.

Learn more about TaqMan® protein analysis

Thermal Shift ™ (PTS) research solutions include Protein
Thermal Shift ™ reagents and software are new applications for qPCR instruments with melting capabilities for protein thermal melting experiments.

The new Protein Thermal Shift ™ analysis software and reagents enable high throughput screening of proteins for the detection of their thermal stability and the use of melting temperatures (Tm) to identify ligands that can improve protein stability, mutations, modifications or buffer conditions.
Compared with the currently used method, this new performance greatly reduces the time and cost of sample screening in the above application areas.