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Portable heavy metal detector

PDV6000ultra can detect a variety of metals (such as: As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se, Tl, Zn, etc.), detection limit up to one-digit ppb level; complete measurable metal list and detection The limit is included in the "Measurement of trace metals" brochure. If an SV chamber is included, Co, Cr, and Ni can be detected at 1 ppb and Mo and U can be detected. Color and turbidity have no effect on the measurement results. In order to achieve the desired level of detection, it may be necessary to perform on-site pretreatment of sewage and soil samples to remove interference. Food samples need to be digested before testing. Samples can be pretreated to remove interfering substances.

  • Product Model: PDV6000 Ultra
  • Product Brand: Nichipyo
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Use VAS software to determine multiple metals in a predetermined sequence
DC or battery powered for on-site inspection
Rugged solid electrode and holder
Detection limit for certain metals up to 0.1 ppb (in clean water samples)
Automatically generate test reports using VAS software
PDV6000ULTRA (with standard analysis room) configuration
power supply
110 – 240V AC, 8 – 12V DC, or 4 AA batteries
physical dimension
360mm x 270mm x 155mm (height x width x thickness)
SV analysis room appearance size
220mm x 160mm x 160mm (length x width x thickness).
Including waste pool, solid electrode and bracket
Working electrode (standard analysis room)
Glass carbon electrode, different coating options; solid gold electrode
Working electrode (SV analysis room)
Rhodium-coated glass carbon electrode
Platinum counter electrode
Reference electrode
Ag/Agcl in KCl solution
Analysis room materials
Acrylic polymer material, Teflon material
Analysis room mixer
DC magnetic motor and corresponding magnetic stirrer
LCD image display
CE certification
Operating System and Software
Windows XP/7; VAS Data Processing Software
Communication port
Handheld controller
5 key handheld controller
Analytical method
Anodic dissolution / cathodic dissolution
Linear scan, square wave, differential pulse
Voltammetry voltage range
-2V to +2V (can be converted to -3.3V to +3.3)
2 nA
Coefficient of variation (%CV) (“Note 1”)
5 to 10%
Result output
Voltammetry curve, analyte concentration, historical data
Standard comparison/standard addition
Carrying case
Sturdy waterproof carrying case
“Independent use” function
10 kinds of program control test menu
10 program conditions menu
Blank Calibration Options and Addition Standard Options (for dirty water samples)
Battery level display
Online PC function
Windows XP/7 operating system
VAS Software, the leading international data analysis software
Automatic data storage, icon optimization, print data, icons and reports