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Industry trends

2018 Shanghai International Advanced Ceramics Fair Promotion Tour Successfully Launched

           On September 27, 2017, the 2017 annual academic meeting of China Ceramic Society of the Ceramic Society was held in Liling City, Hunan Province. Liu Wei, Honorary Chairman of Ceramic Society of the Chinese Silicate Academy, and Zhou Jianer, Chairman of Ceramics Branch of China Silicate Academy, China Vice Governor of the Ceramic Society of Ceramics, Changhui Wei, Mayor Kang Yuelin and Deputy Mayor of Liling City in Hunan Province, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Nanzhuang Township, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Chen Fuming, Mayor of the Town, Nanzhuang…

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“Five degrees bloom” ExpoDomestic instrument validation evaluation promising

June 8, 2017, as the twentieth China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as: Science Fair) one of the important activities of the fifth "domestic testing equipment verification and comprehensive evaluation of technical services promotion" (below Referred to as: domestic equipment promotion) held in Beijing Jingyi Hotel grand, from the government departments and related associations leading experts, testing and certification bodies, instrument manufacturers, authoritative laboratories, more than 200 representatives attended the meeting.

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Hunan Provincial Bureau of grain procurement 162 sets of heavy metal detector domestic XRF and then welcome the tide?

         Food security is related to the people's livelihood, since 2015, Hubei, Hunan and other food provinces have launched a grain of heavy metal rapid detection equipment project bidding procurement. According to the instrument information network previously tracked reports, Tin Shui equipment, steel research and other domestic X-ray fluorescence spectrometer manufacturers have "seize the initiative" in a number of provincial and municipal grain bureau procurement projects in the outstanding performance, are 10 million Single income.           June 10, 2017, Hunan Province Grain Bureau of food re-release "heavy metal rapid detection equipment (second batch) procurement…

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2017 annual “major scientific equipment development” key special projects proposed project publicity

        June 5, 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology on the national key research and development program "advanced rail transportation" and other nine key special 2017 annual project arrangements for publicity, including the national key research and development program "major scientific equipment development" key special projects of the 2017 Annual project, the project in 2017 a total of 50 projects proposed, Shun Yu Hengping, Guangzhou Wo letter, condenser technology, in the financial days, the first environmental protection, force of science and technology, steel research and other equipment enterprises in the column.         According…

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CIEPEC 2017 grand opening next exhibition held one year ahead of schedule

       CIEPEC 2017 grand opening next exhibition held one year ahead of schedule June 13, 2017, although the early morning began to rain, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of environmentalists, the 15th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC 2017) The exhibition site is very exciting. The exhibition is sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Beijing Municipal People's Government and other relevant departments and a number of overseas government departments and environmental protection agencies to support the exhibition address is still located in Beijing China…

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The future of clinical testing of the general trend: “centralization” or “to the center”? –POCT articles

       The Ninth National Conference on Clinical Laboratory Management (NCCLab2017) was successfully concluded on June 5. Three days down, as nowadays the hottest medical concept, "precision medical" to become the conference report was mentioned the most frequently noun.         Mass spectrometry (MS) technology and point-of-care testing (POCT) technology as two new clinical detection technology, in the field of precision medical have a wide range of important applications. Therefore, the General Assembly, respectively, the establishment of the theme venue for MS and POCT for specialized discussions, which also makes MS and POCT become the two most…

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Thirteen five Chinese medicine science and technology innovation planning: technology and standard parallel

     Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially released the "thirteen five" Chinese medicine science and technology innovation special plan, clearly pointed out that by 2020, to establish a more collaborative, efficient and open Chinese medicine science and technology innovation system to solve a number of Chinese medicine Development of key scientific issues, break through a number of key technologies restricting the development of Chinese medicine to accelerate the modernization of Chinese medicine and international development, to build more consistent with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine…

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Neither solution seemed satisfactory.

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