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CFX automatic sampling system

CFX automatic sampling system using high flux experimental sample operation together with CFX96 Touch and CFX384 Touch fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system. When using CFX384 Touch, you can load up to 20 PCR reaction boards, and use CFX96 Touch to load up to 15 PCR reaction boards. This system can help automate workflow, and it is very suitable for the high flux requirement of the current workflow such as drug screening. At the same time, it can process 7680 samples at one time.

  • Product Model: CFX384
  • Product Brand: Bio-Rad
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Main functions and advantages

Using the CFX automation system can:

1. improve the experimental throughput – with 1 CFX96 Touch or 1 CFX384 Touch fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system, without manual placement of PCR reaction plate

2. ensure quantity of data improve the experimental workflow and improve the automation

3. ensure effective sample management – use bar code to manage samples

4. quick setup run – use visual CFX automation control software to browse and run multiple experiments

5. analyze the results anytime and anywhere – every time the experiment is completed or interrupted, send the data by email attachment