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PCR Heat Cycle Instrument

Touch PCR instrument performance is good, large color touch screen for easy programming. Fully modular design allows the user to select different response modules according to different experimental requirements, and can be completed quickly without tools. Each PCR module contains a high degree of adjustable thermal cover, suitable for low PCR supplies and regular PCR consumables.

  • Product Model: C1000 Touch PCR
  • Product Brand: Bio-Rad
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Functions and advantages

1. fast and simple experimental program design – 2 programming methods, including automatic programming device, which automatically generates standard, fast and ultrafast programs according to requirements

2., convenient programming operations – large color touch screen and redesigned navigation interface, you can easily and quickly edit, run the program

3. flexible platform can connect up to 3 sets of S1000 PCR instrument or connect up to 32 sets of circulating instrument to improve the flux through the computer control

4. advanced file management – the compatibility of USB flash drives allows for universal protocol transmission and unlimited data storage

5. temperature gradient – determine the optimum annealing temperature quickly and easily by using a programmable temperature gradient

Applications and uses

1. amplification of /PCR

2. clones

3. sequencing

4. gene expression research

5. mutation

The C1000 Touch PCR instrument can be used in conjunction with six interchangeable reaction modules, including:

1. 96 hole quick response module with temperature gradient function

2. 96 deep hole module with temperature gradient function

3. double 48 hole quick response module with temperature gradient function

4. the gradient enabled 384 hole module has higher flux

5.2 modules for fluorescent quantitative PCR detection