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PCR Heat Cycle Instrument

The S1000 PCR thermal cycle combines excellent performance and streamlined appearance. This cycle can be run independently, can also be connected to the C1000 Touch thermal cycler to improve flux. C1000 Touch can connect up to three S1000 at most, and the whole system can be operated as a high flux PCR instrument.

  • Product Model: S1000
  • Product Brand: Bio-Rad
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Functions and advantages

1. flexible platform – selectable 4 interchangeable reaction modules; by adding 3 S1000 loops to the C1000 Touch loop instrument or up to 32 loops at most, adding PC controls to change throughput capacity

2. outstanding thermal performance – patented honeycomb stone module designed to provide fast rise and fall temperatures, reliable results, and reduced running time

3., good sealing – adjustable lid, widely compatible with all kinds of PCR supplies

4. temperature gradient – determine the optimum annealing temperature quickly and easily by using a programmable temperature gradient

Applications and uses

1. amplification of /PCR

2. clones

3. sequencing

4. gene expression research

5. mutation

The S1000 cycle can be used in conjunction with four interchangeable reaction modules, including:

1. 96 hole quick response module with temperature gradient function

2. 96 deep hole module with temperature gradient function

3. a double 48 hole quick response module with temperature gradient function, which allows 2 independent controlled experimental programs to be juxtaposed in a single slot

4. 384 hole reaction module with temperature gradient function