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Pottery tools

  • Product Model: Richeson Deluxe 12-Piece
  • Product Brand: Other Brand
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Pottery tools

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Richeson Deluxe 12-Piece Pottery & Storage Tank Tool




Richeson Deluxe 12-Piece


The 12 luxurious and sturdy tools designed by Jack Richeson are ideal
for beginners and experienced potters. This tool includes a wire mesh, clay
cutter, 2 brushes, 2 ribs and basic ribbons, thread ends, needles, and
boxwood tools.


SE 4PT11 11 pieces of pottery tools





SE 4PT11

11 sets of pottery and sculpture tools for any creative project. The
tool is made of metal and is easily gripped with a wooden handle. Each tool
has two shaped heads (one at each end) that can provide a variety of
different engraving shapes to give your design more flexibility. They are
ideal for carving and jewellery making details. Design your prototype and
create a model to visualize the final production

SE 4PT8 8 pieces of pottery tools






     This is a perfect starter kit with a
convenient plastic bag zip closure and is currently the most popular tool.
This is the perfect set of starter tools for studios and schools that want to
provide students with high quality tools. The parts are made of high-quality
steel and polished hardwood, ensuring that it can be used for many years. All
the most popular basic tools are included in this collection.