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Nano – particle size zeta potentiometer

Antaipa is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance analytical instruments, combining its physical and engineering expertise with contemporary software initiatives to develop intuitive and easy-to-use particle analyzers.
The Litesizer 500 measures particle size, Zeta potential, molecular weight, and light transmittance by light scattering techniques and ingenious software. It will give you a quick and accurate understanding of the particle system, showing how these particle systems change with time, pH, temperature and concentration to provide you with optimization tools.

  • Product Model: Litesizer 500
  • Product Brand: Abbemat
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Zeta potential measurement – new cutting edge technology
The Litesizer ™ 500 utilizes the new patent (European Patent 2 735 870) PALS technology cmPALS to achieve shorter measurement times and lower applied electric fields. Results: Sensitive samples can be measured with less severe degradation.

The Zeta potential tube has a unique omega-shaped capillary. This shape means that electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) measurements are not affected by the measurement location and are highly stable and reproducible.

Particle size measurement: unprecedented resolution
Because the firmware uses a very advanced algorithm, so you can accurately measure a single suspension in several different particle size.

Can automatically measure the continuous transmission ratio
The Litesizer ™ 500 continuously measures the transmittance of each sample so that it is possible to quickly determine whether the sample is suitable for light scattering measurements. The optimum parameters (measuring angle, focus position and measurement duration) can be selected for the measurement via the Litesizer ™ 500.

Tools to Reduce Your Laboratory Burden:
The particles were monitored by time, temperature, pH, and concentration

Through the series of measurements to show how the particle size and zeta potential changes with time, temperature, pH or concentration. The measurement results are clearly displayed on a single graph with different colors to determine the graphical trend, and all important values and parameters are listed in the logical relationship list below the graph.

Litesizer ™ 500 – Click the button to perform particle analysis
Litesizer ™ 500 optimizes your experiment: After completing the sample preparation, the Litesizer ™ 500 automatically adjusts the attenuation, selects the best focus position, measures the angle, and measures the duration. You only need to select the solvent, click to start and observe the results of the measurement can be.